EGT Reading Group 21 – 30

Although we don’t post summarizes of papers we read in the reading group nearly often enough, one of the goals of this blog is to provide a second medium for the EGT Reading Group I started at McGill University in 2010. Today we had our 30th reading group, and to celebrate I decided to post the references for papers we’ve read since our last update.

June 28 Durrett, R., & Levin, S. [1994] “The Importance of Being Discrete (and Spatial).” Theoretical Population Biology 46: 363-394.
Shnerb, N.M., Louzoun, Y., Bettelheim, E., and Solomon, S. [2000] “The importance of being discrete: Life always wins on the surface.” PNAS 97(19): 10322-10324.
April 17 Fletcher, J.A., and Doebeli, M. [2009] “A simple and general explanation for the evolution of altruism” Proc. of Royal Soc. B 276(1654): 13 – 19.
Doebeli, M. [2010] “Inclusive fitness is just bookkeeping” Nature 467.
April 12 Szabo, G., and Fath, G. [2007] “Evolutionary games on graphs” Physics Reports 446(4-6): 97-216. [Sections 6]
April 5 Szabo, G., and Fath, G. [2007] “Evolutionary games on graphs” Physics Reports 446(4-6): 97-216. [Sections 1,2,5,9]
March 29 Arenas, A., Camacho, J., Cuesta, J.A., and Requejo, R.J. [2011] “The joker effect: Cooperation driven by destructive agents” Journal of Theoretical Biology 279(1): 113-119.
March 22 Laird, R.A. [2011] “Green-beard effect predicts the evolution of traitorousness in the two-tag Prisoner’s dilemma” Journal of Theoretical Biology 288(7): 84-91.
February 16 Tarnita, C.E., Wage, N., Nowak, M.A. [2011] “Multiple strategies in structured populations” PNAS 108(6): 2334-2337
February 9 De Dreu, C.K.W., Greer, L.L., Van Kleef, G.A., Shalvi, S., & Handgraaf, M.J.J [2011] “Oxytocin promotes human ethnocentrism” PNAS 108(4): 1262-1266
January 19 Force, A., Lynch, M., Pickett, F.B., Amores, A., Yan, Y.L., and Postlethwait, J. [1999] “Preservation of duplicate genes by complementary, degenerative mutations“, Genetics 151(4): 1531-1545.
June 1 Martin A. Nowak, Corina E. Tarnita, and Edward O. Wilson [2010], “The evolution of eusociality”, Nature 466: 1057-1062

As you can tell, we haven’t written post about most of the papers we’ve reviewed. However, if you’d like to see a specific paper on this list reviewed and summarized then let me know in the comments!

About Artem Kaznatcheev
From the Department of Computer Science at Oxford University and Department of Translational Hematology & Oncology Research at Cleveland Clinic, I marvel at the world through algorithmic lenses. My mind is drawn to evolutionary dynamics, theoretical computer science, mathematical oncology, computational learning theory, and philosophy of science. Previously I was at the Department of Integrated Mathematical Oncology at Moffitt Cancer Center, and the School of Computer Science and Department of Psychology at McGill University. In a past life, I worried about quantum queries at the Institute for Quantum Computing and Department of Combinatorics & Optimization at University of Waterloo and as a visitor to the Centre for Quantum Technologies at National University of Singapore. Meander with me on Google+ and Twitter.

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