EGT Reading Group 21 – 30

Although we don’t post summarizes of papers we read in the reading group nearly often enough, one of the goals of this blog is to provide a second medium for the EGT Reading Group I started at McGill University in 2010. Today we had our 30th reading group, and to celebrate I decided to post the references for papers we’ve read since our last update.

June 28 Durrett, R., & Levin, S. [1994] “The Importance of Being Discrete (and Spatial).” Theoretical Population Biology 46: 363-394.
Shnerb, N.M., Louzoun, Y., Bettelheim, E., and Solomon, S. [2000] “The importance of being discrete: Life always wins on the surface.” PNAS 97(19): 10322-10324.
April 17 Fletcher, J.A., and Doebeli, M. [2009] “A simple and general explanation for the evolution of altruism” Proc. of Royal Soc. B 276(1654): 13 – 19.
Doebeli, M. [2010] “Inclusive fitness is just bookkeeping” Nature 467.
April 12 Szabo, G., and Fath, G. [2007] “Evolutionary games on graphs” Physics Reports 446(4-6): 97-216. [Sections 6]
April 5 Szabo, G., and Fath, G. [2007] “Evolutionary games on graphs” Physics Reports 446(4-6): 97-216. [Sections 1,2,5,9]
March 29 Arenas, A., Camacho, J., Cuesta, J.A., and Requejo, R.J. [2011] “The joker effect: Cooperation driven by destructive agents” Journal of Theoretical Biology 279(1): 113-119.
March 22 Laird, R.A. [2011] “Green-beard effect predicts the evolution of traitorousness in the two-tag Prisoner’s dilemma” Journal of Theoretical Biology 288(7): 84-91.
February 16 Tarnita, C.E., Wage, N., Nowak, M.A. [2011] “Multiple strategies in structured populations” PNAS 108(6): 2334-2337
February 9 De Dreu, C.K.W., Greer, L.L., Van Kleef, G.A., Shalvi, S., & Handgraaf, M.J.J [2011] “Oxytocin promotes human ethnocentrism” PNAS 108(4): 1262-1266
January 19 Force, A., Lynch, M., Pickett, F.B., Amores, A., Yan, Y.L., and Postlethwait, J. [1999] “Preservation of duplicate genes by complementary, degenerative mutations“, Genetics 151(4): 1531-1545.
June 1 Martin A. Nowak, Corina E. Tarnita, and Edward O. Wilson [2010], “The evolution of eusociality”, Nature 466: 1057-1062

As you can tell, we haven’t written post about most of the papers we’ve reviewed. However, if you’d like to see a specific paper on this list reviewed and summarized then let me know in the comments!