EGT Reading Group 41 – 45 and a photo

In recent months, TheEGG blog has morphed into a medium for me to share cool articles and quick (and sometimes overly snarky) reviews. However, I still remember its original purpose to accompany the EGT Reading Group that I launched at McGill University in 2010. Next week, we will have our 46th meeting, and so I am taking a short break from reviewing the 2nd workshop on Natural Algorithms and the Sciences to give you a quick recap of what we’ve read since the last update:

May 14 Allen, B., & Nowak, M. A. [2013]. “Cooperation and the fate of microbial societies”. PLoS Biology, 11(4): e1001549.
Sanchez, A., & Gore, J. [2013]. “Feedback between population and evolutionary dynamics determines the fate of social microbial populations”. PLoS Biol 11(4): e1001547.
April 30 Szolnoki, A., Xie, N. G., Ye, Y., & Perc, M. [2013]. “Evolution of emotions on networks leads to the evolution of cooperation in social dilemmas”. Physical Review E, 87(4), 042805..
April 16 Paulsson, J. [2002]. “Multileveled selection on plasmid replication.” Genetics, 161(4): 1373-1384.
March 26 Marshall, J. A. [2011] “Group selection and kin selection: formally equivalent approaches”. Trends in Ecology & Evolution, 26(7), 325-332.
March 19 Arinaminpathy, N., Kapadia, S., & May, R. M. [2012] “Size and complexity in model financial systems.” Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 109(45), 18338-18343.

Yay, science!

A big thank you to Eric Bolo for contributing to the blog and leading reading groups 42 and 43, and to Kate Zen for reading group 41. I would also like to thank Pedram Samani for helping us understand experimental evolution in the 45th reading group, and David Basanta, Dan Nichol, and Jacob Scott for tuning in for our first G+ Hangout. If you are in the Montreal area and would like to attend future groups, or just tune in via G+ Hangout then leave a comment here or send me an email! Also, do you know better alternatives to G+ Hangout for running an online journal club?

About Artem Kaznatcheev
From the Department of Computer Science at Oxford University and Department of Translational Hematology & Oncology Research at Cleveland Clinic, I marvel at the world through algorithmic lenses. My mind is drawn to evolutionary dynamics, theoretical computer science, mathematical oncology, computational learning theory, and philosophy of science. Previously I was at the Department of Integrated Mathematical Oncology at Moffitt Cancer Center, and the School of Computer Science and Department of Psychology at McGill University. In a past life, I worried about quantum queries at the Institute for Quantum Computing and Department of Combinatorics & Optimization at University of Waterloo and as a visitor to the Centre for Quantum Technologies at National University of Singapore. Meander with me on Google+ and Twitter.

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