Cataloging a year of blogging: the algorithmic world

relaxedToday is the last day of the Julian year, and tomorrow is Old New Years, so it is a great time to finish our overview of the three themes of TheEGG articles in 2013. We already looked at established applications of evolutionary game theory, and extending from behavior to society and mind; now, we will be envisioning the algorithmic world. It is fitting that we will end the Orthodox calendar with a discussion of the year’s most unorthodox articles.

Although I spend most of my time relaxing in a comfortable office in the Stewart Biology building, my official position is in the computer science department. Thus, when I can’t just call myself a theorist, but must specify a discipline, I say that I am a theoretical computer scientist. However, I am a cstheorist that dislikes computing machines, engineering, and technology, and have an unreasonable fondness for philosophy and fundamental science. Unfortunately, most of of the theoretical branches of science, if they try to be rigorous and mathematical, tend to borrow their tools form physics not the mathematics underlying theoretical computer science. In undergrad, I received enough exposure to physics to understand the limits of these tools, and in the years since have grown convinced that they are not sufficient for building the theoretical edifice of biology and psychology.
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