Cataloging a year of blogging: from behavior to society and mind

homerbrainrecurseFor psychologists, memory and learning are intimately intertwined. In fact, during the years of behaviorism in the early 20th century, the unobservable process of memory was completely replaced in the technical lexicon by learning (Miller, 2003). I want to take this post as an opportunity to remember the year that’s past, and the 83 articles that were published here during it. In the first theme, a few days ago, I discussed traditional applications of evolutionary game theory. However, I can’t confine myself to traditional applications and find it important to push the envelope a little. Today’s theme is concerned with completing the rejection of behaviorism, not only in psychology but also evolutionary biology: expanding from behavior to society and mind. In the process, we can start to understand how internal representations, learning, and culture shape evolution. The articles listed here were primarily concerned with extending existing methods to new problems, and I’ve saved the most radical developments for the next theme of envisioning the algorithmic world.
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