Stackexchange and the end of stagnation

For the last 3 months the blog has been stagnant, but this week we resume posting. It was hard to get a reading group started completely online, so we will start holding an official in-person reading group every week at McGill and making a blog post after each one. Hopefully this will provide the critical mass of review posts we need to keep this blog going.

In the meantime, I would like to direct readers to another invaluable tool: the stackexchange network. This is a family of sites descendant from stackoverflow. It is a series of question and answer sites classified by topic. Some of these sites are research level, and others are for beginners and researchers alike. I would like to outline some that might be relevant to people interested in evolutionary game theory:

Theoretical Computer Science is devoted to research level question in theoretical computer science, and the stackexchange site I am most active on. Most questions deal with standard TCS such as algorithm and complexity classes, but EGT, neural networks, genetic algorithms, dynamic systems, and cognition questions sneak in at times. Theoretical physics is the other exclusively research level stackexchange site. I am less familiar with this community (although many of them come from cstheory.SE), and so far have only asked one question about dynamic processes on graphs of the sort we encounter in EGT.

The rest of the stackexchange network allows questions at all levels. Of these I think Biology, Computational Science, Economics, Linguistics, Math, and Stats would be most useful to our readers. These communities are a bit harder to follow, since most questions are not of interest to researchers. However, it is still possible to get useful answers or discussions on the sites. Some of the sites (like Biology) are also early enough in their progress to still be affected by the efforts of a few to steer them towards being research level.

However, our best chance of building a research-level site is to commit to the Cognitive Science proposal. This site is less than 10 users away from going live, and by committing now you will be able to shape its content in the early days of the private beta. Please join and help create an online community for Cognitive Scientists!

About Artem Kaznatcheev
From the Department of Computer Science at Oxford University and Department of Translational Hematology & Oncology Research at Cleveland Clinic, I marvel at the world through algorithmic lenses. My mind is drawn to evolutionary dynamics, theoretical computer science, mathematical oncology, computational learning theory, and philosophy of science. Previously I was at the Department of Integrated Mathematical Oncology at Moffitt Cancer Center, and the School of Computer Science and Department of Psychology at McGill University. In a past life, I worried about quantum queries at the Institute for Quantum Computing and Department of Combinatorics & Optimization at University of Waterloo and as a visitor to the Centre for Quantum Technologies at National University of Singapore. Meander with me on Google+ and Twitter.

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