Evolving cooperation at TEDxMcGill 2009

For me, one of the highlights of working on EGT has been the opportunity to present it to the general public. As a shameless plug and a way to start off video Saturdays, I decided to post a link to my TEDxMcGill talk on evolving cooperation. This was from the first TEDxMcGill in 2009:

I think this is the first time I used the knitters’ dilemma as an explanation for PD, which has become my favorite way of introducing the game. If you want to read a more technical overview of the graph you see on the second to last slide, then it is discussed in ref.[KS11]. If you want the comic at the end of the slides, it is xkcd’s “Purity”.

More great TEDxMcGill talks are available here and I recommend checking all of them out. Check back next Saturday for another EGT-related video!


[KS11] A. Kaznatcheev and T.R. Shultz [2011] “Ethnocentrism maintains cooperation, but keeping one’s children close fuels it.” In Proceedings of the 33rd annual conference of the cognitive science society. [pdf]